Gender, Nutrition, SBC

SBC for Gender and Nutrition in Nigeria Project

An SBC campaign of the Africa Poultry Multiplication Initiative (APMI) on nutrition and gender in Nigeria, funded by Tanager. This campaign integrated nutrition and gender messaging into poultry promotion activities across AMO Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited’s Noiler value chain with a strong focus on promoting women’s active participation in poultry production and promoting the consumption of chicken and eggs.

CCSI led the design and roll-out of SBC strategies to promote awareness and demand for the dual-purpose birds among smallholder farmers in Benue, Enugu, Kebbi and Osun states. The Buy Noiler, Sell Noiler, Eat Noiler Chicken and Eggs campaign leveraged community engagement, market campaigns and mass media for deploying key messages and promoting recommended behaviors. Materials designed and produced by CCSI included handbooks for Farmer Satisfaction Representatives, FAQs, leaflets, community banners, branded t-shirts, radio jingles in local languages, TV commercials in local languages, and monitoring and documentation tools. CCSI also produced and aired an 8-week live phone in radio show in local languages.        

 Over the 8-week campaign period, a total of 105 activities held across all four states. These activities comprised of 51 door-to-door/ neighborhood campaigns, 26 market storms, 9 association meetings, 17 community meetings and two health facility outreaches. These activities reached a total of 2,472 people; 1,611 (65%) were female, while 861 (35%) were male. Of those reached during community activities, 500 (20%) started rearing Noiler birds; 329 (66%) were female and 171(34%) were male. This translates to an empowerment of 20% of women reached during the community campaign. 

As part of steps to scale up the campaign, CCSI facilitated a training for Farmer Satisfaction Representatives from 15 more states and adapted SBC materials into the relevant local languages.