CCSI approaches all implementation and execution of tasks from an evidence-based standpoint, conducting research, and analysing findings from a consumer perspective to inform the development and innovative deployment of coherent communication strategies. CCSI’s experience spans different thematic issues around health and social development, pursuing the most efficient and effective solutions that produce optimum, and impactful results.

SBC for Gender and Nutrition in Nigeria Project

An SBC campaign of the Africa Poultry Multiplication Initiative (APMI) on nutrition and gender in Nigeria, funded by Tanager. This campaign integrated nutrition and gender messaging into poultry promotion activities across AMO Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited’s Noiler value chain with a strong focus on promoting women’s active participation in poultry production and promoting the consumption of chicken and eggs.
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Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria (ANRiN)

Accelerating Nutrition Results in Nigeria (ANRiN) is a 21-year Federal Government response facilitated by the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) at Primary Health Care level in a Phased Approach: 2019-2040 to reduce chronic malnutrition (stunting and micronutrient deficiencies) and thus reduce maternal and child mortality rates and over time, increase school completion and performance, and improve labour force productivity.

Leadership in Strategic Communication Workshop (LSCW)

In Nigeria annually, Centre for Communication Programs and Social Impact (CCSI) partners with the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (CCP), Baltimore to organize the Leadership in Strategic Communication Workshop (LSCW).

Rugan Ardo ”WASH” Project

Centre for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI) implements a community WASH project in Rugan Ardo, a Fulani settlement in the outskirt of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. The project is our Corporate Social Responsibility approved by the BoT in 2018 to mark the 10th anniversary of an impactful existence in Nigeria.

Newman Street

Newman Street’ is an entertainment education TV drama series, featuring well-known Nollywood artists. Leveraging on the popularity and success of Nollywood and entertainment as a tool for providing correct and life-saving messages, Newman street is an organic platform for communicating and changing lives.
Entertainment Education

The Accelerate Project

The Elimination target of 2024 is set to be achieved through, enhanced coordination and integration with strengthened leadership through support to the National Trachoma Taskforce (NTTF) on activities that include targeted social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) intervention.
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One of Africa’s most decorated and most successful pop artistes, 2face Idibia has unleashed an attack against malaria using his strongest weapon, music! In a recently released single titled Play Your Part, a song that gives a nod to the National Malaria Eradication Program’s (NMEP) slogan, For a Malaria free Nigeria: Play Your Part, 2face sings that ‘Malaria-free is a possibility but warns that it will take a lot of effort from you and me. He reveals 3 simple steps to eliminate malaria in Nigeria:
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Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3)

Health Communication Capacity Collaborative is a 5- year (2012 – 2017) USAID funded Social Behavior Change Communication project with JHU-CCP as the prime.
Social Behavior Change Communication projec

Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)

Nigeria has an average prevalence of global acute malnutrition of 14%, which is higher than the Sub-Saharan average of 9%. As a response to this, ACF, UNICEF and other partners, in close collaboration with FMoH introduced the Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM), a 15-years old system of service provision that has been incorporated by many health ministries across the world. In 2009,

Vitamin A Supplementation (VAS)

Vitamin A Supplementation (VAS) coverage in Nigeria is still below threshold for reduction of child mortality and there is a wide gap between Administrative coverage and Survey coverage. Surveys that have looked at VAS coverage include NDHDS 2013 – 41%, NNHS 2015 – 42%, PECS 2015 – Ekiti 66%, Katsina 43.5%, PECS 2016 – FCT 67%.

United Against Malaria

CCSI was a partner on the global United Against Malaria (UAM) with SuNMaP1, National Malaria Control Program and the Nigeria Football Federation. United Against Malaria (UAM) is an alliance of football (soccer) teams and heroes, celebrities, health and advocacy organizations, governments and corporations who have united together against malaria.
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The Nigeria Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI)

The Nigeria Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI) was designed to increase contraceptive use in selected urban sites (FCT, Kaduna, Ilorin, Ibadan, Zaria and Benin City) in Nigeria, with a focus on the urban poor. Through a strategic combination of service delivery, communication, social mobilization and advocacy inputs the NURHI project increased demand for and supply of family planning, ultimately leading to long-term market driven sustainability.

The Community Focused Approach for Post-Pregnancy Family (postpartum and post-abortion care) Services (PoPCare)

The Community Focused Approach for Post-Pregnancy Family (postpartum and post-abortion care) Services (PoPCare) is a four-year project funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and implemented by Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in partnership with the Centre for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI) and Tulane University.

Strategic purchasing for family planning (SP4FP) Project

This is a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) funded strategic project for a sustainable purchasing mechanism of family planning products and services in Lagos state. It is designed to use the instrumentality of the state driven health insurance scheme as a vehicle to realize the overarching objective of improved uptake for FP products and services among residents of the state.

Oloibiri Health Programme (OHP)

The Oloibiri Health Programme (OHP) is a three-year public health initiative, sponsored by Shell, to improve health and health core delivery for the communities of the Ogbia Local Government Area (LGA), Bayelsa State, Nigeria. This Public Private People Partnership is championed by Shell as port of Nigeria’s centenary celebrations and is named after Oloibiri community where oil was first discovered in commercial quantities in Nigeria.


Corruption is at endemic levels in Nigeria and some public officials are unaccountable. Formal and informal institutions do not deliver standard services, business and investment environment do not comply to regulatory and ethical standards, poverty is growing, inequality is deepening, and wealth is concentrated in few hands.

The Resilient & Accelerated Scale-up of DMPA-SC/Self injection in Nigeria (RASuDiN)

The Resilient & Accelerated Scale-up of DMPA-SC/Self injection in Nigeria (RASuDiN) project aims to expand family planning method choice and empower women by supporting the roll out of DMPA-SC and community initiated self-injection in 10 states in Nigeria: Niger, Ogun, Plateau, Rivers, Oyo, Delta, Kwara, Lagos, Enugu, and Anambra. The Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) and the Centre for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI) are implementing partners on this 4-year Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and Children Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) funded project.
DMPA-SC, Health

My Powerful H.A.N.D.S Campaign

The Federal Government in collaboration with United Nations in Nigeria and funding from the European Union (EU) is implementing an integrated and innovative national SBC campaign tagged – the POWERFUL H.A.N.D.S – which will stimulate collective actions to prevent further spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria. The campaign is being implemented through the Centre for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI), an indigenous SBC organization with technical support from UNICEF.
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