Oloibiri Health Programme (OHP)


Oloibiri Health Programme (OHP)

Since CCSI assumed  the role of Programme Management Office (PMO) on the Oloibiri Health Programme (OHP) in 2019, the Programme  has seen remarkable advancement in its  main thematic areas of intervention; which include Infrastructural upgrade, Drug Revolving Fund, Capacity Building, Community-Based Health Insurance Scheme and Monitoring and Evaluation. . One  of the many successes recorded is the fully constructed, equipped, and registered Bayelsa State-Oloibiri Health Programme Zonal Drug  Distribution Centre which will ensure  constant supply of unadulterated and affordable drugs across Ogbia L.G.A. In addition, under CCSI’s management, a 350-metre access road which links the Oloibiri Health Centre to the community has been constructed and is now fully functional.

About OHP

The Oloibiri Health Programme (OHP) is a three-year public health initiative, sponsored by Shell, to improve health and health core delivery for the communities of the Ogbia Local Government Area (LGA), Bayelsa State, Nigeria. This Public Private People Partnership is championed by Shell as port of Nigeria’s centenary celebrations and is named after Oloibiri community where oil was first discovered in commercial quantities in Nigeria.