Produced Documentaries

Produced Documentaries

Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative/The Challenge Initiative

The Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative 2 (NURHI 2), and The Challenge Initiative (TCI), Nigeria implemented a family planning media-based advocacy campaign in 2018.  As part of that campaign, CCSI supported the production of a 10-minute video documentary and three short one-minute documentary radio and television spots (in 5 languages) advocating for the government to prioritize and increase spending on childbirth spacing/family planning (CBS/FP) in Nigeria.   

The video documentary and spots speaks to policy makers and opinion leaders, convincing them that CBS/FP is essential to improving the health of women and children, reducing poverty among families, and increasing social and economic development of their states and Nigeria as a whole. The campaign materials also focused on influencing budgetary provisions and release funds for strengthened CBS/FP programming.

Strengthening Citizen’s Resistance Against Prevalence of Corruption

Strengthening Citizen’s Resistance Against Prevalence of Corruption (SCRAP-C), a DFID project was implemented by a consortium comprising of Action Aid Nigeria (AAN), Centre for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI) and Center for Democracy and Development (CDD). The project sought to contribute to a reduction in corruption through changing public attitudes that increasingly disapprove of corrupt activities. 

CCSI supported the development of a communication strategy. As part of the process, CCSI led stakeholders to develop the campaign brand “Upright for Nigeria”, which is used to generate discourse and encourage action towards a society with zero tolerance for corruption. 

CCSI also produced a corruption perception video documentary to support the campaign in strengthening citizen’s capacity to resist, discourage and report corrupt practices. As part of its deliverables, CCSI developed the campaign theme soundtrack that was used on the documentary and all campaign materials (animation skits, TV spots and radio spots). <The documentary and other materials produced by CCSI can be accessed at: 

Community-based Management
of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM)

Action Against Hunger works in collaboration with partners in northern states of Nigeria expanding coverage of CMAM services in treating acute malnutrition among children under 5 years. CCSI supported Action Against Hunger to conduct a pilot project aimed at increasing demand through a planned communication intervention to improve the utilization of CMAM services in selected LGAs of Sokoto state engaging over 40 community volunteers to support advocacy at household levels which included referrals to the nearest health facility. 

Nollywood Initiative for Enter-Educate

CCSI worked with the vibrant Nigerian film industry (Nollywood), to produce Newman Street; in a partnership will leave a legacy in the Entertainment Education (EE) industry and improve the quality of EE programming in Nigeria. Newman Street’, an innovative TV Drama, creatively scripted and acted to address key health concerns facing all Nigerians, like malaria and family planning, features well-known and aspiring artists. The characters are captivating, and their stories are powerful. Season one of Newman Street was made possible with support from NURHI, UKaid, UNFPA and USAID/PMI.