Vitamin A Supplementation (VAS)

Vitamin A Supplementation (VAS) coverage in Nigeria is still below threshold for reduction of child mortality and there is a wide gap between Administrative coverage and Survey coverage. Surveys that have looked at VAS coverage include NDHDS 2013 – 41%, NNHS 2015 – 42%, PECS 2015 – Ekiti 66%, Katsina 43.5%, PECS 2016 – FCT 67%. To address low VAS coverage and further increase VAS coverage in Nigeria leveraging on Maternal and Newborn Child Health Week (MNCHW) as the vehicle, Micronutrient Initiative (MI) Nigeria requested the services of Center for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI), an organization strategically positioned in Nigeria to implement strategic communication projects and programs with the government of Nigeria, international donors, funders and non-governmental organizations. The Ultimate goal for Vitamin A supplementation (VAS) in Nigeria is to improve / increase VAS coverage in Nigeria to at least 80%. After a formative research that covered four states, CCSI facilitated a national communication strategy and materials development workshop that responded to the findings of the survey. CCSI has rolled out the SBC strategy to support four states (Niger, Kaduna, Delta and Sokoto) during their MNCHW. These have resulted in increased awareness and uptake of VAS but also other services offered during MNCH week in the supported states.