IYD2018: Youth Can Make Nigeria Great Again

Safe spaces for youthOn the event of the 2018 International Youth Day (IYD),  Centre for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI)  has advised that the Youth in Nigeria embrace positive values of honesty, integrity and hard work to ensure that the country is a safe place for all.

With the very apt theme: “Safe Places for Youth”, it is imperative that Nigerian Youths desist from leading lifestyles that pose physical, mental, emotional or any other form of danger to the peaceful existence of other people.

August 12 is set aside by the United Nations (UN) to raise awareness on some sets of cultural and legal issues surrounding young people.

Unfortunately, the issues have expanded to include economic, political, academic, and moral among other issues in Nigeria. The older generation do not seem to have considerations for the leaders of tomorrow even as tomorrow itself has refused to come and the leaders of today wallow in the blame game.

Admonishing Nigerian Youth on the commemoration of the United Nations day to draw attention to factors that shrink safe spaces for the youth, Mrs Babafunke Fagbemi, Executive Director, CCSI, urged the youth to be self-determined rather than completely depend on government or even parents for their desired good life.

Fagbemi noted that government and parents, among others, have their responsibilities, “however, because you are the very person who knows and understands your aspirations and life goals, you have to face it, whether or not there is support from other sources. The truth is that there are people who are fortunate to have parents who put things in place for them. But when you are not as lucky as such people, then you have to take responsibility for yourself. It is your life.

“It is important to note that when young people’s needs are not met, it often leads to frustration and desperation which is evidenced in the kind of lifestyle the youth lead today. Violence and other vices such as cultism, rape, armed robbery, doing drugs, internet fraud, gangsterism, being used as political thugs, are examples of their desperation and frustration in a bid to achieve certain life goals.

“Now, regardless of the excuses given when arrested in the condemnable acts, young people need to know that such inhuman acts cannot make the country a safe place for them or anyone. Instead, the youth should earnestly seek self-development and diligently appreciate what they can make out of a life of integrity. No matter what the economic situations are at the moment, they have a lot to do to improve situations in Nigeria. Believe it or not, the youth can make Nigeria great again and safe for everyone,” she summed.

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