Covid-19 and workplace fashion


With the ease of the lockdown in Nigeria, many offices and workplaces have resumed their activities albeit “not business as usual”.  The covid19 guidelines and regulations are still very much in place to avoid a second wave of the virus. This has birthed the new normal in the workplace where staff now have to wear nose mask to carry out their daily tasks, wash their hands often, sanitize their hands and surroundings often as well.

While these measures are in place to ensure overall safety of staff and the safety of their loved ones at home, many have described it to be inconvenient and simply unfashionable.  The use of nose masks especially has come under fire as being unfashionable and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.  

Ladies are often found complaining that the nose masks are very inconvenient as it messes up their makeup and causes them to sweat. A simple hack to this could be to carry a mobile hand fan along with you and try to wear matte make up as opposed to oily makeup. 

Many people also complain that washing or sanitizing their hands too much cause their hands to be dry and hard. A simple hack to this is to carry a small bottle of hand lotion with you to moisturize your hands after washing. Hand washing is a very important preventive measure for Covid19 and must be adhered to.

Some people, on the other hand, have decided to make something good out of a bad situation. They now incorporate nose masks into their fashion. They wear matching masks as an added accessory to their outfits. 

So, what is it for you? Are nose masks a fashion accessory slay or a fashion blunder nay?

Whatever the case is for you, welcome to the new normal! Nose masks still must be worn and worn properly until this pandemic ends. Remember, It serves as social proof to others that they should be taking the pandemic seriously!

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