Just because I took DMPA-SC


Introduced to a superstitious method of contraception during the early days of her marriage, Mrs. Akinwale believed that by constantly wearing a fetish ring on her finger she would avoid getting pregnant. After 4 years, the ring was misplaced and getting a replacement was difficult as she could not locate the medicine woman. Due to fears of unwanted pregnancy, she stopped engaging freely in sexual activity with her husband.

Mr. Akinwale spoke to his wife about considering taking up a modern FP method as they have 3 children and are satisfied. Fortunately, Resilient and Accelerated Scale-up of DMPA-SC in Nigeria (RASuDiN) community volunteers approached Mrs. Akinwale during a community outreach to educate her on the available modern FP methods, and their benefits. Upon interacting with community volunteers, he made the choice to take up DMPA-SC as community-oriented resource persons were available to support up take.

“I was convinced, and I adopted the DMPA-SC the same day as I had the full support of my husband.”

The use of DMPA-SC means that Mrs. Akinwale now has time to pursue personal goals like returning to school and she no longer has fears of an unplanned pregnancy. According to her,

‘I am not afraid of unplanned pregnancy anymore, my mind is now at rest, I can return to my normal life, there is nothing to fear again’. Since I started using DMPA-SC, I have been able to create time to go back to school…”

The Resilient and Accelerated Scale-up of DMPA-SC in Nigeria (RASuDiN) project is aimed at increasing the use, acceptance, availability and accessibility of DMPA-SC/SI as a family planning method within a broader contraceptive method mix among women of reproductive age in Nigeria. Read more about RASuDiN here



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